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Our Story

Ever see something online or in a store and thought 'I can make that'? Well, these 4 words changed my life.

As a jeep family, we love to go ducking. One day we saw someone ducking with freshies! Kevin turned to me and said, 'we should buy a bunch of those!' to which I responded, 'I can make that!'.

2 weeks later, the beads were ready, and I had procured all the needed supplies. However, I'd also spent a ton of time thinking about what else I could do. The possibilities were endless.

We jumped right in! 

Freshies have given us the 'us' time that we needed as a busy Mom and Dad of two. We've been able to involve our children and teach them some valuable work skills at young ages. We've been able to provide local athletic groups with easy fundraisers and we've had so much doing it all! 

A home-based business is not easy, but we love being able to create something together that others can enjoy.

- Keisha


River Falls, WI


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