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Just a mom and dad of 2 living in River Falls, Wisconsin embarking on an adventure together. 

Between day jobs, Dance classes, Tae Kwon Do, various coaching gigs, and general life, we are a busy family.

Keisha loves to craft and create things, and Kevin is the enthusiastic, ultra supportive type. Rhylinn is an outgoing, friend loving, energetic middle schooler, and River is a quieter avid gamer. We enjoy doing things as a family, whether that be a day trip to the lake, game nights at home, or a local sporting event, you'll generally find the 4 of us together. As parents we soak it all up!

Freshies are something we all enjoy; we all get to share our ideas and watch them come to life together. Having the opportunity to show our kids what comes of hard work is the ultimate goal of what we're doing here and we're thankful every day for what we've been able to accomplish and can't wait to see where this little adventure takes us.

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