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You Asked, We Answered

How long do Freshies/Venties last?

You can expect your freshie to last at least 6 weeks. Some stronger scents can and will last much longer.

What if I dont smell my Freshie/Ventie anymore, but it hasn't been 6 weeks?

Nose blindness is real. Our recommendation is to keep the bag that the freshies come in, if you dont smell them anymore, but feel like you should, place the freshie back in the scent proof bag and hang a new one with a different scent for a while. When you come back a few days later, you will be able to smell your first freshie again.

Can I re-scent a Freshie/Ventie?

no. the aroma beads used to make your freshie will only soak up a certain amount of scent oil. We use the max in our scenting process to ensure a long lasting freshie. This means that the beads have already reached their capacity and will not soak up any additional scent oil. once you can no longer smell the freshie or ventie, it is no longer usable as an air freshener.

Are your products harmful to pets?

We use only synthetic oils that are not known to be harmful to pets. However, we do always recommend that you keep products away from pets and small children, just to be safe. If a product is ingested, our strong recommendation is to seek medical advice. 

 How long do the carpet refreshers need to sit on the carpet?

For best results we recommend at least 30 minutes before vacuuming up the carpet refresher powder. 

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